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William Lewis, Esq.

Mr. Lewis is a private pilot and attorney in Charleston, SC
Will Lewis
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Aviation Law Brief Soaring

by: William Bee Ravenel Lewis, Esq.

I hope you have an enjoyable research experience using Aviation Law Brief. Since its implementation in November of 2011, it has grown internationally to the point that it averages over 100 curtis_biplaneunique hits per day worldwide, which is great considering its infant stage, and considering its focus is limited solely to aviation legal and insurance resources.

I have attempted to provide organized links to every free aviation legal resource available. Along with the tabs above, to the right of this page you will find tabs that, when pressed, lead to more detailed aviation legal/insurance information. If you have suggestions as to additional helpful links or if you come across a broken link, please do not hesitate to email me with the information. Please be sure to check out the "Articles" page above, which includes articles written by some of the top aviation legal authorities.

If my firm can ever be of service to you with respect to your aviation legal needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Clicking below will lead you to my firm's website. I hope you will visit the website and contact me with any questions. Meanwhile, enjoy Aviation Law Brief. - Will Lewis